How to Find a Legitimate Home Business

Even if the economy had not taken a hit this past year,  Social Home Jobs Review  many Baby Boomers who are soon to be retirees would be looking for ways to earn some extra retirement income on a part time basis to supplement their pensions, 401k and Social Security. For some, their combined resources are just not enough as 401k’s were not even in existence when they entered the workforce. Others are bored and just need something to do. Some are fine, but need to find extra money making ideas so they can afford to travel. This article will review the benefits and pitfalls some of these directions to take with part-time jobs.

Finding a regular part-time job is often easier said then done. Many companies, like fast food giants, discount retail stores discovered the benefits of hiring retired people. However, many Baby Boomers look down on those jobs, it is the Been There, Done That Syndrome. These are the types of jobs Baby Boomers already did in high school. In the current job market, part-time jobs were the first thing to be eliminated. As the economy improves, possibly other jobs will become available again,

A truly beneficial direction for a retiree might be to job share. It would save prospective employer money to hire two people to cover one position. Many Baby Boomers already have medical benefits as part of their retirement package or qualify for Medicare. It would be advantageous to an employer to hire two people for one job, letting them share the responsibilities and they will not have to provide benefits! These sort of opportunities are seldom advertised. A Baby Boomer would have to be proactive and convince an employer to try it out, and possibly even find the second person to share the job with. Some entrepreneur should start their extra retirement income quest by starting a business promoting job share for retirees!